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Podcast Interview With Ilona Bray About The Volunteer’s Guide to Fundraising

Here’s podcast three of three, drawn from the recently published The Volunteer’s Guide to Fundraising. In the attached podcast, Author Ilona Bray reveals her own first (and misguided) experience with fundraising, and describes highlights from the book.

Fundraising When the Economy Is Down: Newly Released Podcast

Fundraising is harder for every group out there, but small, mostly volunteer-led groups face particular challenges — and have come up with unique ways to overcome those challenges. Hear from parents, event planners, and other volunteers who contributed to Ilona Bray’s recent book, The Volunteer’s Guide to Fundraising, in this newly released podcast (from the CD-ROM that comes with the book), “Fundraising in a Down Economy.”

Getting Creative With Fundraising Methods: Newly Released Podcast

Wondering how important it is to come up with a fundraiser for your group that’s new and different? Or how other groups have managed to come up with winning ideas? Check out the podcast “Bringing Creativity to Your Fundraising Efforts,” drawn from Ilona Bray’s recently published book, The Volunteer’s Guide to Fundraising. It includes tips and stories from parents, events planners, and more.