GOP Candidates’ Stands on Immigration

The Iowa Republican presidential caucus is mere hours away — and the various candidates have all expressed views on (if not always practical solutions to) immigration matters.

Some choice quotes range from Mitt Romney’s “As President, [I] will also work to establish a policy that staples a green card to the diploma of every eligible student visa holder who graduates from one of our universities with an advanced degree in math, science, or engineering,” to Michelle Bachmann’s “I can’t speak highly enough for Arizona.”

By the way, I’m sure Romney was speaking metaphorically, but I can’t help note that the idea of having a green card automatically “stapled” to anyone’s diploma would make this the easiest application process in the whole immigration system. More likely the actual process would involve stacks of forms, and weeks or months of waiting for the bureaucratic gears to move.

And Michelle, a grammar tip: That should be “highly enough of.” Not “for,” but “of.”

For a detailed rundown of these various candidates’ views and statements on immigration, see the 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates page of the Think Progress website.