Open House Day: Got Your Contortionists Ready?

The real estate market clearly needs a shot of adrenalin, and some agents are doing their best to inject it.

In some cases, their strategies for enticing buyers and agents to visit open houses get increasingly wild and expensive with the price of the home. Free mimosas? Check. Shirtless male jugglers? Check. A raffle for Botox treatments? Check. And the cost, sometimes in the thousands of dollars, all comes out of the agents’ pocket.

It’s all detailed in Lauren Beale’s article, “Real estate agents spare no effort to sell luxury homes.” Me, I’d definitely stop by any open house that offered those Thai foot massages.

Of course, if you’re selling a home in the lower end of the range, your agent will likely not be amused by your request that he or she open a free bar on your front lawn.

But when choosing an agent, it’s worth asking what creative approaches he or she has come up with for other properties, and what might work for yours.

Creativity doesn’t always have to be limited by price range. For example, in the book Selling a House in a Tough Market, we describe strategies such as holding specially themed open houses, say, with an architect or contractor on hand to describe how the place could be remodeled, or with art showings in coordination with a local gallery. These won’t cost anywhere near as much as those shirtless jugglers.