Cupid Loves Homeowners?!

As all the news media scramble to find Valentine’s Day hooks for their stories today (I’ve seen a lot of headlines on “heart health”), kudos to Trulia for putting together a whole survey on how the singletons of the world rate the importance of homeownership in making their hearts throb.

Be sure not to stall on the first line, puzzling over who those 5% of unmarried adults who actually WANT to date someone who lives with their parents are.

More revealingly, 36% of women and 19% of men would prefer dating a homeowner to a renter. It’s not a majority, but a healthy proportion of the population — perhaps looking for financial stability and ability to commit? (Little do they know, the true fireworks will start shooting when they get a load of the mortgage interest deduction.)

While women prefer to date someone who lives in a suburban home, men have their eyes on dates with an apartment in the city. Uh oh, here we go with the Venus and Mars stuff again. But wait: The survey also found that when it comes time to actually choose a home to “fall in love” with, men and women agree that the master bathroom, followed by a walk-in closet, are the most potentially enticing features. (Sellers, take note.) ((Architects, too, but please leave some space for the other rooms.))