Home Staging Still Raging

Plenty of ink has been spilled over the topic of how home staging can help you sell a house. Yet every new seller no doubt goes through a similar process of doubting whether it’s worth the several-thousand-dollars price tag: “Sure, everyone else’s house could benefit by staging, but mine looks fine as it is, right?”

If you’re a seller going through that mental process right now, a good article to read is Andrea Pflaumer’s “Setting the Stage” in the latest edition of the East Bay Monthly. Pflaumer starts with a bang, citing a Berkeley, CA real estate agent who believes that her sale of a house for $250,000 over the asking price could be credited, in large part, to good staging.

The article goes on to point out things that sellers are often blind to — worn carpets and tile grout, overgrown plants, and dated light fixtures. At a more subtle level, “If the owners’ imprint is too obvious, would-be buyers feel as though they’re invading someone’s privacy rather than envisioning the home as their own.”

Check it out. And homebuyers, you might want to read this too, for a reminder of how to look at the bones of the house without being bedazzled by the staging.