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Are You Ready for the World to Know Your House Is “Coming Soon?”

beesThe real estate world is buzzing with the news that the website Zillow is introducing a “coming soon” feature for houses advertised for sale. The traditional MLS doesn’t have such a feature (not yet, anyway). It will be open only to real estate agents who pay to advertise with Zillow. (Sorry, FSBOs, that leaves you out.)

So, up to 30 days before a house is actually available for sale, some sellers will be able to tell the world to start salivating over it.

My first thought is that this is like telling your party guests to wait on the front porch for an hour or two before you open the door. No longer do you have privacy when making those last cleanups (or even repairs), ripping out your weeds and feeble attempts at landscaping and replacing them with blooming flowers, or even putting up a fresh coat of paint.

No, the world will be watching. And if you’re in a hot market, believe me, they’ll be watching. Expect to see a procession of cars going by your house, cameras held out the window. (And those are the visitors who are sufficiently polite to stay off the property itself.)

Of course, my grumbling isn’t going to make this feature go away. If anything, it’s likely to become the norm. So, home sellers, get ready to be ready before you’re actually, you know, ready.


FSBO Seller Gets Creative With News of Cheating Husband

It’s not as though she needed to create her own yard sign. Any of several online companies offer premade, lawn-ready “For Sale By Owner” signs along with other services. (See, for example,,, and

But recently divorced Portland homeowner (and business owner of Elle Zober apparently wanted to add a personal touch. She and her son created a sign that reads, “Husband Left Us for a 22 Year Old . . . House for Sale by a scorned, slightly bitter, newly single owner.”

And it hit the media big time, with reports in Q13 Fox News Daily, Opposing Views, and Business Insider. Zober’s blog states, “Cannot say enough how shocked I am by allllll the media attention.”

According to Opposing Views, the sign is achieving its goal and then some: “Zober is getting offers for the house and invitations for dates.”

As to why it’s working, I’d speculate that the humor and the unusual approach help. But whether it would work for every other “scorned, slightly bitter” seller is another matter. Zober seems to have her head on straight despite all she’s been through. If the many reporters knocking on her door were to find someone gunning for revenge against said ex-husband, they might have raced back to the curb. But instead, Zober is able to deliver media-worthy quotes like, “It is not about revenge. What’s done is done. He did what he did. We just want to sell our home.”